UW-Platteville places the safety and well-being of students, employees and the public at the top of its priorities. The campus is working to improve safety and emergency planning in the wake of the tragic events at Virginia Tech last spring.

Prevention of violence is our first priority and our best chance for eliminating or minimizing risks to the safety of students, employees and guests at UW-Platteville. Prevention includes observation, awareness, risk assessment, planning, and reporting.

  • In an emergency requiring immediate response from law enforcement, the fire department or emergency medical services, call 911 if dialing from anywhere off campus or a cell phone. If dialing from a campus telephone, dial 9-911.
  • For urgent situations when you feel that immediate notification of UWP officials is required, contact University Police at (608) 342-1584. This number is answered 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

In non-emergency situations, UW-Platteville uses a Behavior Review and Response Team when concerns are raised about the behavior of students and employees. You may reach the team by contacting the Dean of Students Office at (608) 342-1089 during office hours or by email at concerns@uwplatt.edu. (Note this e-mail is not monitored 24 hours a day so for emergencies use 911 and for urgent situations contact Campus Police at 608-342-1584.)

Students, families and employees should develop a plan for responding to emergency situations. See www.ready.gov for information on developing a plan. Communications and meeting sites should be identified in advance. Cell phones may not be reliable during an emergency so plan on alternatives including land lines.

Intervention is the second step utilized by UW-Platteville to avert violence. UW-Platteville intervenes proactively when concerns are raised regarding students, employees and visitors to campus. University Police are empowered to take individuals into custody if they are deemed to pose an immediate threat. Student Affairs is authorized to impose immediate suspensions if students engage in threatening behaviors and can remove students from residence halls. Mandatory evaluations and dismissals may be used.

The Behavior Review and Response Team will evaluate concerns regarding students and employees and identifies appropriate intervention steps. Concerns may be raised by team members, by students and employees through the Dean of Students, and by Campus Police.

Campus Police are responsible for responding to violence on campus. City of Platteville and Grant County law enforcement respond in support of Campus Police. UW-Platteville’s campus police are armed and trained as first-responders for a range of events, including acts of violence. The campus’ emergency plan provides for mobilization of resources during and following incidents on campus.

In the event of an emergency, notification will be provided through four communication channels:

  1. Emergency Alerts using the public address systems;
  2. Campus wide e-mail alerts;
  3. Emergency postings on http://emergency.uwplatt.edu
  4. UW-Platteville Update Line – 608-342-7000;

Directions will be provided based on the situation and information available. For hostile intruders, the following steps should be followed:

  • If the door opens in, close and barricade door by blocking it with a chair or a door wedge at base of door.
  • Shut off lights, move away from doors and windows.
  • Call 911 (9-911 from a campus phone) if no warning has sounded in order to alert emergency response personnel.
  • Do NOT sound the fire alarm system. A fire alarm would cause people to evacuate, and possibly place them in a potentially harmful situation.
  • Keep the room secured and quiet, until emergency personnel give you additional instructions.
  • If an intruder is in the room with you, options to consider include:
    • Active resistance to the intruder
    • Trying to escape through other exits or past the intruder
    • Sheltering behind furniture
    • Dialog with the intruder

Note – in the situation of an intruder in the same room, these are options to consider but you have to decide on what actions to take.

When emergency response teams respond to situations such as a hostile intruder, they do not immediately know who the “suspect” is. For the safety of all, police will direct all individuals to the ground, to keep hands held up in the air, or possibly even begin to handcuff people.

Follow-up to an emergency on campus (or in the community) requires communications and support efforts. The UW-Platteville will use http://emergency.uwplatt.edu and 608.342.7000 to post information following an emergency and, depending on the event, may use a call center to provide a single point of contact for family and others contacting the campus. The campus may be closed to the public immediately following an emergency. The web site will provide information on contacting the campus and where to go following an emergency, including information for families and others who choose to come to the area.